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 Free Hotspot Miner To Mine HELIUM Crypto (HNT) From Your Home (S/H may apply in some cases*) 
Earn off your team growth as well over time, but...

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*Just enter your complete details including 1) Full Name, 2) Best email address, 3) Home Address where Device would be placed (we must be able to verify address through our Free Assessment AND 4) Phone number to Text You in the Boxes provided above NOW and we'll respond within 24 hours...sometimes within minutes with your assessment as this is manual process of entering details and confirming location viability.

On the NEXT Page (After you click the "Send My Device Analysis Report") You will learn a little more about the Helium digital currency and Internet of Things (IoT) and how you can maximize your Crypto Earnings.

*Hotspot Miners can typically sell at up to $400 or more each.  You may only need to apply shipping/handling fees.

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